Homeopathy, training and more for humans and animals

InHolland Delft University of Applied Sciences – presentation homeopathy in animals for the end-of-year students of HBO animal and their teachers

Ben Herder Fitnessclub Amersfoort – Group training and fitness guidance

Lady Fit Leusden – Group training and fitness guidance

Lady Fit Leusden – Club manager

FIT20 Barneveld – Personal training

FIT20 in company – Personal training at work

Volkswagen SEAT – Bezel introduction Seat Leon

RABO bank Amersfoort – Framing staff presentation with experiential dances

Kiwanis Leusden – Showelement Kiwanis meeting

VODW – Support dance-performance staff

Kluwer – Staff clinic Pilates and Powerwalking

Graphic – Show element for Johnson & Johnson Medical

Levob – Inline fitness skating course

Welzijn Leusden – Chair massages and exercise programs youth

Lisiduna Leusden – Training Pilates for young people with dementia

Fugers equestrian – Fashion show for horse and rider

Country Mill – Fashion show equestrian clothing

Horse event – Clinic Pilates for riders

Riding school de Vier Hoeven Leusden – Ruiterfit

Various fitness fairs – Fashion shows, show frame, presentation

Nike Hilversum – Various group lessons

Winkeliersvereniging Laren – Fashion show "Fashion op de brink"

Antares Leusden – Fashion presentations 1 year anniversary Antares

KBS De Marke Amersfoort – Dance day for 800 children for 10th anniversary

Sport 2000 Leusden – Various group lessons and fitness guidance. Club Manager

Theo Meijer Sport Leusden en Amersfoort – Group lessons

Cindy van Oostenbrugge Leusden – Group lessons

Millenium Hoevelaken – Dance and group lessons

Pellikaan Health & Racket Center – Various group lessons

Bokkeduinen – Various group lessons

Fit2Move Hoevelaken – Various group lessons

Humanitas Childcare "De Brulapen" in Leusden – Workshops Streetdance

Sporty After-School Care (SNO) in Leusden – Workshops Streetdance and workshop Move2gather

Primary schools Leusden – Organisation and implementation of street dance lessons on location

Primary schools Leusden – Organisation and implementation; dance workout for 1200 children in Leusden

Cooperation sports/health centres Leusden – Initiator Corona kilo challenge Leusden

InHolland Delft University of Applied Sciences – lecture on the use of homeopathy in animals for the last year of animal care students and their teachers

Red Cross department Amersfoort – lecture about the origin of homeopathy and the possible use in first aid

Guardian at home Various locations – see menu

Homeopathic advice humans and animals – see customer reactions

Zilverdas Vaassen – workshop horse massage

Stable Doppenberg Terschuur- workshop horse massage

Riding school Malle Jan Achterveld – workshop horse massage

Riding school de Vier Hoeven Leusden – equestrian fit

Stable Franssen estate Balkenschoten Nijkerk – workshop horse massage for students equestrian training Barneveld

Primary school de Hobbit Leusden – Move2gather project 6 weeks with final execution

Primary school Het Ronde Leusden – Allround dance project for teachers and students

Sportbureau de Glind – Streetdance project for youth

Sportbureau de Glind – Move2gather project for youth 10 weeks

Secondary school de Marke Amersfoort – dance project 10 years exist for all students

Guardian at home – various locations – Pensionstal Doppenberg Terschuur, Tweelranch Rio Grande Terschuur, 3 months private Zwartebroek.