Corona kilo challenge

Corona kilo challenge a unique project!! From 1 March, all Leusdenaren, Stoutenburgers, Achtervelders can participate in the corona kilo challenge for free; an initiative of various sports and health entrepreneurs in this municipality to get as many people moving as possible.

This project ended in april 2021. If you want more information check

Martine du Floo. Photo Leontine Verhoeff of photo Verhoeff

I like being a part of this initiative. My contribution is, among other things, placing several short accessible training programs on the corona kilo challenge (CKC) website

But the sporty people who started earlier in the project maybe want to workout a bit harder. That’s possible with the workout below.

You can use weights or not.

In weeks 1 to 3, choose two workouts per week and in weeks 4 to 6 three workouts per week in addition to your current movement/activity. In week 4 I will post two more training sessions on this page. And use the nutrition tips, as advised on

Every week the CKC site will provide you with news, so take a look regularly and of course we really like to hear what your result is at the end, so that we know how many kilos Leusden has lost. You can use the form that is on the CKC site.

Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself to move because your weight does not allow it or because you do not dare to move after an injury. Then have a personal exercise program put together. I’d like to help you with that at a discounted price.

Additional homeopathic advice and/or tips in the field of using supplements can also help you take on your own challenge.

Participation in the challenge is at your own risk. Contact your (home) doctor if you have any health problems.