Customer reviews: Homeopathy and more for animals


After a lovely but a little too long forest ride I noticed something strange about my horse’s walk-out trot.

It’s a shack. Got off and travelled the last kilometer on foot. He had it a lot when we took a long drive and after a day of grazing there was nothing going on. This time things turned out differently, after a few days he walked in trot with a shack. Veterinarian couldn’t find anything, neither could osteopath, and the chiropractor was no good either. Change of stable so that he could move nicely and more in the winter changed a lot but still it kept gnawing why he sometimes did not walk clean.

Martine, classic homeopath for humans and animals and movement specialists, advised me to have an osteopath come again and provide a good aftercare in combination with homeopathy and a training program to help the muscles and joints recover and support.

Martine is able to give a complete advice. In this case in collaboration with an osteopath, who in the case of my horse only needed treatment to straighten a hip. Martine recommended a homeopathic pathway and a training program. In addition, she regularly massaged my horse. All this in consultation with the osteopath.

Now, 3 months later, again classes with an instructor recommended by Martine. My horse’s movements are smoother than ever. The homeopathic process has already been completed, occasionally Martine provides a preventive massage. Of course we have already been back into the forest and my horse and I enjoyed that very much.

The way in which Martine forms a team with other expertise and possibly consults with other specialists, her advice and explanations why she prescribes certain things, is the treatment that every horse deserves. I

recommend everyone to go a little further than a one-time treatment by a veterinarian or chiropractor/osteopath etc. The road after that, it turns out, is even more important to make sure you continue on the right track. My thanks are great for what Martine has done to help us. We can enjoy driving again! Oh, yes, and

do you think martine and aftercare’s advice is expensive because of her? I can tell from experience that having another specialist come a number of times is more expensive and may not give the result that Martine can achieve with your horse or other animal!

Preventive work and ensuring that your horse does not get injuries seems better for horse and rider.

Saskia Leendertse and Fire


Customer reaction homeopathic guidance, massage and groundwork of three Friesian horses

Finally after a long time, sat on this Kanjer again today! Fortunately, she’s going in the right direction again. She looked like a 4-year-old, fresh as a hat. Now slowly pick up again and then hope that we can start again in the spring. Thanks to Martine, who helped me by dealing with an injury in a different way and driving after an injury.

I hope to do this again soon, fortunately we are on the right track. My dear darling had a lot of muscles in her shoulder. Martine has helped me and my topper with the treatments she has used. My horse is already less bothered by it than before, but wait a while to sit on it. Learned a lot working from the ground up by Martine, should do several people!! You really see more than you think… Would like to put Martine in the spotlight again and thank you for everything so far and what is to come! Toppertje!

Another day has passed that can be in the book! Today we can do another lesson and also practice a test. We still have 1.5 weeks and then??? Is it going to happen! On Saturday, martine’s going to give me another massage. We were all more than satisfied today, it’s like she’s in her 2nd youth!!

I’m so happy with Martine! One of my horses didn’t run well with the lesson of the week, I already had a bit of the feeling, but couldn’t quite tell where it came from. Made an appointment right away to get her massaged. She really liked it, but when you got to the places where she was bothered, she didn’t like it at first, but she did later. After the treatment we immediately saw results in her movement! I’m really so happy about it. Take it easy in the next few days and see if it still worked in the second half of next week. So with this one, I can recommend anyone who owns a horse to have him or her treated by her once.

Pony Ginger

Our 23-year-old pony Ginger was rejected as a riding pony 8 years ago due to.m. tendon problems.  Prognosis after a visit to the University Clinic in Utrecht was that she might be able to live a good life as a meadow pony for another 2 years, but the prospects with.b regard to her tendons were not exactly rosy.

We decided to put her in a place where she had a walk-in stable and could be outside 24/7. With the help of homeopathy, she has since recovered enormously and has been free of tendon problems for more than 7 years. Until a few weeks ago she didn’t quite walk well on the right front and after 2 weeks was suddenly quite crippled.

The veterinarian again diagnosed a tendon problem and prescribed a pijstiller/anti-inflammatory. After 1 1/2 weeks there was hardly any improvement.

I then asked for Martine’s help. She identified the problems and gave appropriate homeopathic advice for Ginger. After a week, she ran a lot better. Until shortly afterwards she suddenly crippled at left-back.

It was suspected that it could have something to do with waste that her body could not properly dispose of. After the use of a homeopathic agent, the body showed what was really going on. A hoof ulcer was the problem and it came out. This one made its way out and that brought immediate relief. More than a week later, Ginger was all herself again.

Her body at age remains a point of attention. To keep her in the best possible condition, she now gets a handful of Superfit Horse through her feed for the necessary vitamins and minerals.

During this period I had daily contact with Martine. Her involvement and clear explanation were extra motivating to provide the sometimes intensive care. Also on behalf of Ginger: thank you Martine!

Pony Sweden

Customer response Emelie Änges Sweden.

We are very pleased that we got the help from Martine and her homeopathy. A student of mine in Sweden is having a new forest pony who was not workable in the arena.

He was not behaving well, he stopped and turned and had a negative spirit. Martine gave a homeopathic advice and a training schedule that the owner and her daughter have been following with lots of success.

After consulting together with Martine during this period he is now happy again and positive in his acting during the training. Now the owner and daughter can again do good in the arena in both jumping and dressage combined with riding in the woods and nice walks outside as the training schedule says.

Homeopathic guidance Quita, dog

On 29 February 2016 we had to say goodbye to one of our dachshunds: Xammy aged 16.5 years. His kidneys had failed, it emerged on Friday evening, February 26, after blood tests. The weekend before his death, Quita often sought out Xammy to lie with him.

Our own veterinarian (Gepco van Bokhorst from ABC for Animals) has come home and very quietly and peacefully Xammy has fallen asleep. We have Quita, then just 9 years old, involved in everything. She also went to take Xammy to the crematorium. At first Quita didn’t seem to suffer from her buddy falling away. She seemed to like all the attention for her.

But along the way we saw her change. From a cheerful dachshund in an anxious dachshund. Everything was scary to Quita. We tried everything: Bach blossom, a stone against grief processing and well-intentioned tips from many people, but unfortunately to no avail.

For example, we messed around for a while until Quita went to Gepco (our veterinarian) on June 29 for her “MOT inspection”. We said that we felt that Quita was very sad and also extremely anxious. She was afraid to walk along the waterfront anymore, she preferred to walk in the middle of the bike path, fall out/bark at other dogs and always huddled and her tail between her paws, she had also become the shadow of the female. Gepco gave the name of Martine du Floo.

Searched the internet for her phone number, called her and left the voicemail. That same afternoon, she called back and had a very pleasant conversation with her. The next Tuesday night, Martine would come and observe for an hour. That became more than 2.

It turned out that our sweet, old, blind, deaf and demented Xammy was the leader of the pack. Quita didn’t know what to do now. She has advised us both regarding possible homeopathic remedies and advice in behavior.

Martine’s guidance and aftercare are SUPER!! She’s so calm. She knows what she’s talking about, really knows a lot about it and feels good about both Quita and us. Thank you so much!!

Greetings from the Voorburgjes and a thick paw of Quita

Homeopathic guidance Ringo

Our Ringo, King’s Poodle, had been car sick since we picked him up from his nest. He also suffered from a few other things.

Martine visited us for homeopathic advice and to observe Ringo in his own environment and recommended a suitable homeopathic remedy for him. During the consultation, his entire timeline was discussed.

After using the recommended homeopathic agent, we noticed change. Not necessarily improvement in the beginning. But after a week, yes.

Martine stayed in touch with us and after a few phone consultations she adjusted the drug and gave some advice regarding the circumstances.

Now Ringo is considerably less sick in the car! He is cheerful, in good contact with us and comfortable in his own skin. We are glad that we can now also take the car with him without him getting so sick of it!

Martine’s way of working is personal and involved. We’re happy with her.


For 10 years our Jack Russel Punky (11jr) broke his front paws. He licked his paws incessantly up to bleeding and his bones could already be seen. This had already become a habit and we had a hard head in it that would improve this. There had already been horrific wounds.

Years of treatments followed, countless medications, injections, ointments, paws taped etc. were to no avail. No improvement occurred. Desperately, we gave up hope of recovery.

Until we got in touch with Martine du Floo.

After a thorough intake interview and extensive observation, Martine gave homeopathic advice and guided us in adjusting punky’s circumstances, which would improve his behavior, which also showed aggression.

After a few weeks we saw to our great delight that the wounds of Punky’s paws became smaller and smaller and have now closed. We can’t take our luck.

In consultation with Martine, the regular medication Clomicalm, an antidepressant, we were also able to phase out. She has asked for advice from veterinarian Gepco van Bokhorst of the ABC clinic Amersfoort. It’s great that such a consultation is possible.

Healing, which no longer seemed to be expected, became a reality!

Martine is a lifestyle coach/homeopath for humans and animals and does her job with a lot of passion and enthusiasm “versatility is her strength”.

I’m a very grateful person for what she could have meant to Punky. He’s such a happy and happy little dog now.

On behalf of Punky and myself thank you very much Martine.

Fréderique Hattink

Animal sitter at home

2.5 weeks beware the Tweelranch Rio Grande Terschuur. Beautiful surroundings, nice western lifestyle shop and great animals. Sam the dog, 4 sweetest cats, 3 geldings Magic, Jacob, Gentle and stallion Boarus. Own animal friends could come along. Hard work but lots of love back! Thank Corine and Robbert for trusting me.
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