Customer review: Homeopathy and more for people

I have asked for Martine’s help for a complaint that I can best describe as “it just stays busy in my head” due to a long period of care and care.

After an extensive intake, she recommended a homeopathic remedy, and to my surprise that quickly gave results: I had space and peace in my head again.

Shortly afterwards my father died and a few weeks later I noticed burnout symptoms. Again Martine asked for help and this time she advised resources that, in combination with my individual and past, acted softly.

The combination of the means, her guidance and my own commitment by listening carefully to my body ensured that I had regained my balance after a few weeks.

During the process we had regular contact. Even when the treatment was over, we had a number of contact moments to keep a finger on the pulse.

Commitment, clear explanations, tips and advice, holding up a mirror, everything in a pleasant way: she indicates it and see for herself what you do with it.

Six months on, I am convinced that this way of treating has helped me enormously in my recovery. Thank you Martine!!


Customer response YH

A fall broke my kneecap. I’ve been given a period of plaster and regular medication for pain relief. Martine du Floo of Pegasus also gave me homeopathic advice. She recommended three means; one for pain and swelling and two means to make the repair of the tissue of tendons, ligaments and bone faster.

I had immediate results. The pain and swelling quickly subsided. After the removal of the plaster, I went into a physiotherapy process.

During this process I received advice from Martine regarding the use of homeopathy and how I could get my knee stronger again through an appropriate exercise program.

Martine’s advice, together with the physiotherapy process, has yielded a quick result. I can fully bend my knee joint again and the further recovery is going very well.

Homeopathy therefore also works in acute cases.

Customer response D.U.

In my work as a yoga teacher I suffered an injury in my knee a few weeks ago.
Where a knee ligament provided pleasant support, Martine gave advice on which homeopathic remedies might help me. The self-healing capacity of my body was activated as a result. With the right feedback from Martine, it turned out to be a huge result after just a week. The more conscious handling of certain muscle groups in combination with the drops has resulted in me fully recovering in the foreseeable future.
All right, thank you Martine!