Customer review: Exercise programs

Session against bullying behaviour at Sporty After-School Care (SNO) in Leusden with children aged 6-12

Customer response (Raymond Drost, sno director):

“SNO has very good experiences with Martine.S
he has given street dance clinics with us that the children were very enthusiastic about.

What was very nice to see is that Martine knows how to enthuse everyone and put everyone at ease. She kno
ws how to transfer her energy to the children.

In addition, she gave a workshop in the context of a move2gather program, in which the children were pleasantly surprised with various dance forms, but where elements such as collaboration, stand up for yourself and assert yourself.

Workshops Streetdance at Humanitas Kinderopvang “De Brulapen” in Leusden

We had a street dance workshop by Martine du Floo.This
workshop fit within her move2gather program. Ma
rtine came to offer us two workshops, one for our children aged 4-7 and one for the over-8s. The kids had a great time.

All the children could participate, including the children without dance experience. Martine’s music and enthusiasm ensured that everyone had a fun and educational afternoon.

Else (9):”It was super fun, we learned a nice dance, it wasn’t too easy but also not too difficult.”

Workshop and recording video session at Primary School “The Hobbit” in Leusden

Customer response (Maartje te Roller teacher group 5 OBS the Hobbit):

“The children in my class enjoyed participating in a move2gather program. They particularly liked the movement and the games. That they wer
e allowed to come up with and perform a dance themselves was absolutely superb.

What is a move2gather program.

The circular conversation with the psychologist, the part with the banners and the information about nutrition was r
eally instructive. Sensitive topics (uncertainty, bullying, obesity, etc.) could be discussed openly and
honestly. The guidance was professional, which made the children feel safe.

After the program, the children regularly said how nice it was and asked if we could do it again soon.”


Because children exercise little, Martine has been promoting the importance of exercise in youth for years. It is precisely the children who are always “out of line” who are better involved in the movement programs that she envisions.

The initiative sCOOLs2DANCE was created after she offered a project to the primary schools in Leusden in collaboration with dance instructor Danielle Walter. In collaboration with sports centre Sport 2000, Martine and Danielle brought the Streetdance phenomenon to the schools in their own gym hour.

Because this activity was received very enthusiastically, the sCOOLs2dance project was conceived. With a team of teachers, coordinator Annemarijn Helffer and support from PABO students from Ede for the guidance of the children, almost 1100 children from groups 3 to 8 danced together during this event, which was split into a morning session for the youngest and an afternoon session for the older participants. The atmosphere was excellent and both kids and the school management and various parents participated in the rousing workouts.

“Thanks in part to the sponsors Sport 2000 and Reflextra Printing and Design, it was a successful event, which will certainly be repeated in leusden in the future but also in other places.
Dancing fraternizes!! Martine offers a concept to primary schools in the Netherlands, during which a tailor-made sCOOLs2dance program can be offered. Integration, but also as a path against bullying at school, this would be a good activity to offer frequently at school and youth.”

Personal guidance specific program adults

Customer response (MP): “Martine du Floo taught me how to ride a
bike again. Because I hadn’t been on my bike for years, I had lost my sense of balance
. This caused me to fear cycling. When I spoke about this with Martine, with whom I took pilates classes, she offered to be my personal coach. After one lesson, I was back on my bike.

With a lot of patience and focused exercises, she ensured that my sense of stability increased. Th
is improved my confidence. After six lessons
I was able to cycle again and after another four lessons everything went back to the way it used to be.

I am glad that she gave me pleasure in cycling again and can recommend her as a personal coach. The rig
ht exercises, a lot of encouragement and a good dose of patience have made the difference.

Training program for riders

Emelie Ängus on the specific training program for riders:

“Martine made a program for me as an amazon, specially constructed for that reason, that make me prepared and fit for my sport.

She combined a workout scheme, tailored to my wishes, to get a good mix of exercises, coordination, balance and at the same time focused on what is really important to reach my goal.

We did bootcamp and interval in the woods, nice to be outside, an inspiring area.
On the road she provided me with an inline skate trajectory, important for balance, condition, technique and explosive training
. During the training we had a reflection about my wishes concerning the program
. I really have the feeling that her knowledge about all-round fitness training is at a high level
! The program she offered, helped me in feeling fit and in a good harmony with my horse!”

Enjoy training together

Francijn Mekking on the Personal Fitness Plan:

Together with Tim and Sandra I trained for a period under the guidance of Martine in an in-house fitness ro
om. Training at Martine is not entirely non-committal: she is strict but fair. Not lanterfanten, but actively particip
ate. Thanks to her attitude, commitment and enthusiasm, I got more out of myself than I thought possible beforehand.

The result of training with Martine during those few months is spectacular: a tighter body, a size less and a huge improvement in fitness.

With this result, you can say that Martine’s approach works well.”

Fitness plan with homeopathic guidance

J about the personal Fitness Plan i.c.m. homeopathy:

“After 14 different diets and 386 attempts to line, I came into contact with Martine
.I work out at a gym where she teaches and her way of coaching really appeals to me.

I myself know enough about nutrition from my training, but what is the right balance between nutrition and e
xercise? We sat down and following my wishes and limited free time, Martine has drawn up a schedule:- Indoor traini
ng at the gym- Tailor-made nutri
tion advice- 1 time a we
ek outdoor training in the forest- measur
ing and weighing once a monthI
t turns out to be a great schedule for me.

In addition, Martine did a homeopathic consultation with me and prescribed a homeopathic remedy, which helped me get back in balance with myself.

What I liked very much is that Martine can always offer an alternative. An alternative in terms of nutrition for example if you have various parties in a row or an alternative to exercise in case you don’t have that much free time.

Martine also gives a schedule with exercises during holidays
. Especially the outdoor training in the forest is great: being sporty in the open air with natural beauty around you.

For me, Martine’s coaching was exactly the last push I needed. A stick behind the door.

I recommend it to everyone!”

Home training

Sandra Reemst about martine’s personal training at their home:

“We would like to thank Martine for what the weekly personal training has brought us”.

Of course, the setting of training with the three of us and its own facilities is ideal, but we had those facilities for a few years. H
owever, the enormous progress in condition and visible results are from the last six months that you have been tackling us har
d. Of course, the hiring of you was born out of a lack of discipline, but it has brought us much more. Because
of the schedules and your strict but certainly also enthusiastic approach, we now exercise almost daily.”

Personal fitness plan

Rob on his Personal Fitness Plan:

Of course Martine du Floo is the best personal trainer you could wish for.

How many personal trainers come home to work with you, motivate and stimulate you when things are bad?! And you bet this is happening!

The times I couldn’t resist the temptation to “grab” a beer or “just” pull open that bag of chips were legion. But right, because Martine always follows you in a positive way and asks how you are doing and if your cure and weight loss are doing well and supports you when things are bad, she is the best motivator you could wish for!

It’s not for nothing that I’ve lost over 100 pounds? You don’t believe me? Just look at my pictures. The shirt I’m wearing on it was still tight around my very thick belly last year. I had a belly size of 135 cm! I really couldn’t have done that on my own, but by

Martine’s sophisticated program to burn fat in combination with proper nutrition and dietary supplements is now at my target weight of 96 kilos!

In short, Martine is just the best!