Pegasus, homeopathy for humans and animals

Pegasus symbolizes a healthy mind in a healthy body

What is classic homeopathy

Classical homeopathy is an age-old, natural therapy that stimulates the body’s own life force to cure diseases. Without this life force, the body would not be able to survive. Just think of a small wound that ‘automatically’ closes.

If the life force is disturbed, complaints can arise. Classical homeopathy can help eliminate the imbalance, so that the body regains its self-healing capacity.

With which complaints can homeopathy help?

Of course, the circumstances are very important. If these are not ideal, no treatment will be able to solve the problem 100%.

Homeopathy can be applied to almost all diseases, physically and mentally, and to people of all ages. In addition, homeopathy can be an addition to other treatments. Of course, this must always be done in consultation with the practitioner(s).

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Complaints where homeopathy can help include:

  • inflammation – e.g. eye, ear, bladder, skin
  • complaints after an accident, trauma or surgery – for example, the healing process after a bone fracture, fall or bruise
  • behavioural problems – e.g. anxiety, aggression, nervousness
  • musculoskeletal problems – e.g. joints, tendons, muscles
  • allergies and skin complaints – e.g. hay fever and rash
  • respiratory problems – e.g. colds, coughs, lung problems
  • gastrointestinal complaints – e.g. constipation, diarrhoea
  • bladder and kidney problems – e.g. bladder inflammation, renal insufficiency
  • hormonal complaints – e.g. problems during menopause
  • problems during and after childbirth – for example diseases for which one does not want/is not allowed to take regular medication and pelvic floor problems
  • Burnout
  • IT’S SOLK. (Somatically inadequately explained complaints)

Homeopathy can be used for both humans and animals.


Consultations are on location or in my practice in Leusden at health center Omnis, Larikslaan 2, Leusden. Consultations for animals are always on location because I want to observe them in their own environment. All consultations are by appointment. I also ask you to return the treatment agreement signed to me before the first consultation.

Do you want to learn how to use homeopathy yourself in everyday problems and (minor) injuries? I regularly provide a course “Self-help with homeopathy” where you learn how homeopathy itself can use everyday problems and injuries. Course dates will be posted on this site. You can also put together a group of interested parties yourself and contact me to organize a course at your own location.

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