Move2gather programs

A tailor-made program for different target groups.

By production company compared to the American concept “over the line”.

Move2Gather is a project for special groups and includes a new working method based on a movement program in which cooperation takes precedence over competition and thereby supporting and using each other’s qualities. Fun comes first.

The program is aimed at an integrated approach / prevention of possible problems such as bullying, overweight, fear of failure, passivity, concentration problems, but is also like a pleasant interlude of gym lessons at primary schools or business programs.

I use my versatile expertise to put together tailor-made programs for various target groups in consultation.

My goal is to bring people, animals and nature together in order to create a better balance / quality of life.

Movement in general, but especially the experience of sports and dance, combined with circle conversations are offered in this program.

The theme ‘self-expression’ is the common thread: every person has the need to express himself/herself in his/her own way.

The program does not contain a competition element, but wants to give people the opportunity to be more self-aware in life as an individual, to create together and to gain understanding for others and to use each other’s specialty.

“Together” and “to gather”; collecting beautiful moments together, fun and understanding for each other.

An example program includes a number of pre-agreed blocks of one and a half hours each, which are given weekly. The composition of a project is discussed in advance, so that a programme can be put together on a specific goal.

During these blocks, various forms of movement can be integrated. Possibilities are indoor, outdoor, but also possibly with the help of the “know-how” of horses.

In addition, one or more circle conversation(s) will take place during the project if desired, in which experiences are shared and understanding for each other is central.

I work together with professionals in the field of exercise, nutrition and psychology.

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