Guardian at home

Tweelranch Terschuur

2.5 weeks beware the Tweelranch Rio Grande Terschuur. Beautiful surroundings, nice western lifestyle shop and great animals. Sam the dog, 4 sweetest cats, 3 geldings Magic, Jacob, Gentle and stallion Boarus. Own animal friends could come along. Hard work but lots of love back! Thank you Corine and Robbert for their trust.
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Reaction owners

During our trip to America, Martine du Floo fitted in our Tweelranch/Rio Grande and observed our shop.

We are extremely satisfied with her efforts during the two and a half weeks that we were absent.

She took care of the welfare of our animals during that period; a stallion, three geldings, a dog and four cats. She has also coordinated the daily activities needed to lead our ranch, located in the middle of the forest.

In addition, she observed our store for a number of days.

She was withdrawn at our request and took responsibility for our location and animals 24/7. She had temporarily housed her own animals on our ranch, so she had the care of 8 horses, 6 dogs and four cats.

Martine is definitely the right person when it comes to coordinating and caring for your location and animals during a period of absence.

Corine van der Heijden and Robbert van Gelderen

Tweelranch/Rio Grande

Buddy holiday care

Buddie (Labradoodle of 1 yr and 9 months) has been on holiday at Martine's home for 3 weeks this summer.

After our experience last year in a dog daycare, this was super nice!

First for the introduction to martine's pack we walked several times and slept a test night.

So when we brought Buddie to the beginning of our holiday she already felt at home. T

During the holidays we received a message almost daily with a photo or video.

And at the end we got another diary that she had kept for the whole period. Really super fun!

She had a great time and when we picked her up we got a relaxed dog at home.

We couldn't have wished for better. Next holiday Buddie can hopefully stay with Martine again!

Thanks for everything! Also on behalf of Buddie. Barbara Lempke

Rover shelter

"We are very happy with Martine and the help she has given us. She really helped us out when we had a shelter problem with our dog Rover. She took a good look at our dog and what he needed and she guided him in a friendly and clear way.

The contact has always been pleasant, Martine is easily accessible and responds quickly to apps and emails."


Babysitter family of Rijswijk and zoo

Travelled for 3 months and enjoyed 3 months! What a lot of beautiful things we have seen and experienced! A great experience that we will not forget! Now safely back home!

Thank you dear Martine du Floo,

For 3 months we could enjoy without having to worry about the house and the animals. Thank you for looking after our house all this time and taking care of our animals with a lot of love!

Family van Rijswijk

Sheep, chickens, bunnies, dogs …. very nice to do. Help from a good friend who took care of Blue eye.

Nice connection!!

Babysitting guest houses Doppenberg

We are happy to take care of a babysitting assignment at the Doppenberg guesthouse.

Beautiful moments.


I regularly look after Fritz. The human friend is regularly 'on route' and asks me for a long time, but also just sometimes for one or two days Fritz to give attention and to take care of food, drinks, litter box and so on. Fritz, as befits a cat of nobility, is fine.