Reintegration after illness is often a difficult process – for the employee and the employer. Especially when it comes to reintegrating after a disease with life-defining consequences, such as cancer.

Every year, nearly 120,000 people are told they have cancer. A complicated disease that is often not easy to cure. Fortunately, more and more people are surviving cancer.

Going back to work is not always self-evident for (former) cancer patients. The threshold to resume normal work life can sometimes be (too) high. For some people it is confronting that they have less energy than before their illness, or that they have to work slower. Others have difficulty with 'burdening' their colleagues with their illness.

A healthy lifestyle and a strong body can have a positive effect on recovery during treatments and after surgery. For example, people who participate in physical training during chemotherapy appear to be able to tolerate this therapy better than people who move less or not at all. And better physical health leads to a smoother recovery after, for example, a major operation.

As a movement expert (with over 40 years of experience) and certified fitness trainer oncology, I can offer this group of people within your company a customized reintegration process. My approach is also suitable for reintegrating employees who are struggling with other diseases. For example, Parkinson's: a disease that increasingly also affects young people.

The trajectory that I offer is aimed at letting the participants experience how specialized physical movement supports their recovery process, and thus give them more self-confidence.

Would you like to know what I can do for your company and your employees? I like to come by to get acquainted to explain my approach.

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