Treatments for horses

Cranio Sacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy originates from osteopathy. In the 19th century, physician-osteopath William Sutherland discovered that the skull, spine and sacrum are connected to each other through the cerebrospinal fluid. This cranioscrale fluid is located around the nerve pathways and the brain and moves throughout the body, in a very slow rhythm.

Disruptions in this system can cause various complaints. The supply and discharge of brain fluid to the nervous system stagnates, so that the nervous system can no longer properly dispose of its waste.This can cause complaints such as behavioral changes, hormonal imbalance, weakened immune system, digestive complaints, movement complaints, and so on.

Interplay and techniques

My craniosacral approach focuses on the interplay of physical, emotional and mental layers that together form the essence of a horse. If all these layers are healed and connected on a conscious and unconscious level, the horse is optimally in his or her skin and can perform to the maximum.

I use various hands-on techniques on the horse's body and skull to free the body from blockages that restrict the musculoskeletal system. I mainly work on the head, spine and pelvis of a horse. The result of my treatments is that the mobility of the tissue improves, vitality increases and the body's self-healing capacity is stimulated or reactivated.

For example, vivaldi used this therapy during the build-up after an injury. After approval of the veterinarian

Horse massage for smooth horses in balance

Does your horse ever suffer from excessive muscle tension or stiffness? A massage can then provide relief. By having your horse massaged, other problems can also come to light early, which can then be treated at an early stage. Think of problems with the teeth or saddle, or overload due to training.

A massage is both supportive and preventive and ensures a smooth horse in balance.

Since 2008 I am a masseur of horses and I give horse massages on location. In addition to regular massages, I also apply pressure point massage. This ensures that muscle fibers tighten and relax that are not normally (can) be included in workouts. During the massages I often use Reiki; a treatment that, like homeopathy, is based on the body's self-healing capacity. Reiki is a Japanese medicine in which universal life energy is passed on to the recipient via the reiki practitioner. This energy has a harmonizing effect on energy pathways and chakras.

Massages are always performed on location.

Balanced horse feed

Equilin's "new feeding" is a completely balanced nutritional advice and a matching range that keeps your horse healthier and recovers better. The natural roughage is always the basis. Equilin continues to investigate with the blinkers off so that research is always carried out in the field of nutrition for horses. I give advice on this and you can then order via the Equilin site by means of a code what I have advised for your horse.