Who am I?

Martine du Floo

I'm Martine du Floo. My life is all about movement. Physical movement helps me to be powerful in life. It provides balance. But movement also stands for spiritual growth. Discover what possibilities there are to become and stay healthy naturally. It is my belief that people, animals and nature function optimally when they live together in harmony and move together.

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Movement and dance

I have over 30 years of experience as a exercise coach and as a dancer.

In the mid-1980s I was closely involved in the rise of aerobics and fitness in the Netherlands. I was the first trainer of fitness and group instructors and I have introduced different forms of training. Together with Bob Green, the personal trainer of Oprah Winfrey, I started powerwalking in the Netherlands. I also gave a boost to inline fitness skating and I introduced aqua aerobics in Dutch. In the context of the latter, I have given various workshops for swimming instructors. In addition, I have written 3 books about aeronetics: manuals with aerobic and muscle strengthening exercises.
From 1991-2010 I had my own sports centre in Leusden. At the moment I work in sport as a personal trainer and all-round group lesson instructor. In addition, I provide tailor-made staff training and (online) exercise programs for companies.

Dancing brings balance to my life. It balances my body and my mind and allows me to express what sometimes there are no words for. I have experience as an all-round performing dancer but also as a choreographer and organizer of musical courses. For participants in musical courses I have put together several theatre productions. In addition, I have regularly supported presentations of new products with customized dance programs and flash mobs.


In 2014 I completed my training as a veterinary homeopath and in 2016 I trained as a human classical homeopath. Also in my work as a homeopath I am always looking for the right balance. The interplay between body and mind, personal circumstances and the past determine the use of the right homeopathic agent and additional support.

I graduated from the School of Homeopathy in Amersfoort on the subject 'Homeopathy and Asperger'. You can view my thesis via this link.


Animals that have behavioral problems or who have physical complaints may benefit from homeopathic agents. Together with the owners I look at what benefits the welfare of the animal. Often this is a combination of homeopathic support and nutritional and behavioral advice. In addition, I work a lot with horses. I give horse massages, craniosacral therapy and training advice.


  • Fitnesstrainer Oncologie (FTO) at start2move (2022)
  • Trainer people with Parkinson's at Parkinson net (2022)
  • Craniosacral therapist horse (Practice Natural, Arnhem, 2019)
  • Homeopathy according to the disease classification (Hahnemann Homeopathy Foundation, Almelo, 2019)
  • Personal Trainer (fit20 training, Hattem, 2017)
  • Human classical homeopath (School of Homeopathy, Amersfoort, 2016)
  • Basic Medical Knowledge {School of Homeopathy, Amersfoort, 2015)
  • Veterinary homeopath (School of Homeopathy, Amersfoort, 2014)
  • Horse Masseur (Minor School for Homeopathy Amersfoort, 2012)
  • Perfect Pilates Instructor (Physio Physics, IJsselstein, 2009)
  • Reikimaster A (Spiritual Center Mahatma, Leusden, 2000)
  • Fitness trainer and group instructor (Dutch Body Building Federation, Fitvak/EREPS – European Register of Exercise Professionals, Fit Connection, 1986-2010)
  • Specialized group trainings: KidFit, seniors, pregnant women and choreography (Fit Connection, 1986-2010)
  • Training group instructor (ACE – American Council on Exercise, 1986)
  • Sports massage (THIM – University of Applied Sciences for Physiotherapy, Utrecht, 1985)
  • Dance courses (Penney de Jager Balletacademie, Utrecht, 1984)
  • Master's programme aerobics (Lucia Marthas, Amsterdam, location Utrecht, 1984)

I regularly provide editorial cooperation in the field of fitness and also for horse magazines such as Horse Conscious (online) and the horse magazine Bit en de Hoefslag https://www.dehoefslag.nl/

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