Exercise programs and massages

Do you want to improve your resistance and help your immune system? Keep moving, stay fit!

My mom said it all: "Go play outside. That's good for your resistance!" She may not have been a scientist, but she was right. And thanks to her, I gave my resistance a huge boost in my youth. One of the many things I'm still grateful to her for.

For many people, it is now difficult to improve their resistance. We are almost continuously 'on' because we have so much to do. This often causes stress. Going outside for a walk is sometimes difficult. Taking the time to make a healthy meal and eat it is not always possible. And our lives take place in (too) well-insulated spaces. As a result, we are slowly becoming unbalanced. Mentally and physically. Below are some possibilities with which I can get you moving.

A more extensive range can be found on http://www.blijf-bewegen-blijf-fit.nl

Personal coaching and guidance

Do you want to strengthen your mental and physical life force and resilience? I am happy to help you, with tailor-made advice and support. Here's what I can do for you:

  • drawing up tailor-made training or exercise programs: from intensive workout to build-up and recovery training, outdoors or at a gym;
  • drawing up short, interactive programs for home workers: safe exercises of 15-45 minutes that everyone can perform at home;
  • advice on power supplies;
  • advice on the use of supplements;
  • advice on the use of homeopathic agents.

I can also be hired for all-round group training and personal training at sports / health centers.

Healthy and fit employees

Just finish something quickly, make that one phone call and before you know it your employees sit still in the same position for too long in a row. Do you want your employees to keep moving? Then give them a body-and-mind boost with customized personal training!

As a personal trainer I have been guiding and training people who want to become mentally and physically stronger for over 40 years.

Do you want to know more about the short-term, tailor-made personal training courses? Please contact me for the possibilities.

Move2gather training for youth and adults

Move2gather puts together tailor-made exercise programs for children and adults. Individually or in groups, we get to work on getting to know the (im)possibilities of the body and thus also recognizing, accepting and – if necessary – adjusting behavior.

Competition is part of life and choosing (sporting) hobbies. Step 1 is getting to know your own body. An appropriate exercise program can offer a solution. For adults but also for children and that starts at school.

How nice it is when your self-confidence gets a boost so that you can choose whether or not you can choose a sporting activity that suits you. Maybe that is a competitive sport or you choose a different form of exercise.

You learn a lot at school. For example, learning what your body can handle is also important; the rest will come naturally.

Competition at too early a stage only creates unrest and uncertainty. This often also creates a form of bullying. Not being taken in groups because 'we have to win, so let the person who performs poorly sit on the bench'.

The result: insecure about the body, getting a dislike of moving and therefore not getting enough exercise. In addition, building up excess pounds and missing doing something fun together.

The results of the programme provide tools to address problems within groups. Whether it concerns undesirable behaviour in children among themselves or problems within companies or organizations.

The program can be performed both indoors and outdoors, possibly in combination with exercises in which horses are used.

The course can be arranged, completely tailor-made, at various locations and is also very suitable for carrying out under the banner of other organizations.


Sports massage

By regularly taking a sports massage, you avoid injuries that arise from an uneven load. Your muscles are loosened again, which improves blood flow.


I give reiki treatments to people who are open to it. In reiki treatment, the reiki practitioner acts as an intermediary for the transmission of universal life energy to the recipient.According to practitioners, the transmitted energy has a nourishing and harmonizing effect on energy pathways and chakras. The transfer of this energy takes place by direct laying on of hands as remotely. This transfer of energy would have a positive impact on disharmony in every part of the human being. It would have a comprehensive harmonization effect on everything that underpins energy, people, animals, plants, objects and situations.